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Award-Winning Design

MOTI X is the FIRST vaping product that won DNA Paris Design Awards. Inspired by the art of deconstruction, the unique design balances between utility and aesthetics and redefines the e-cigarettes design.

Excellent Taste with XENO Coil

MOTI X employs the bionic hexagonal mesh coil, which enables the liquid to be heated and atomized more evenly. Besides, the 100% spunlace non-woven cotton is elaborately selected and piled for 7 layers and each layer spaces 6nm. This design ensures stable liquid storage and efficiency wicking and avoids uneven heating.
Seeking for ultimate experience? It is time to enjoy pure and clean flavor and fluent vaping with MOTI X.

First Vaping Product with UV Disinfection

The UV light disinfection kit is another special care unit from MOTI engineers. Once put the UV disinfection cap on, it will automatically start to sanitize the drip tip. It equipped with medical UV light and has been tested to kill over 99% bacteria and viruses. This feature helps eliminate the risks of drip tip transmission of COVID-19 and other viruses, giving users a safe and efficient using experience. Nothing is more important than health, MOTI X cares what matters.

Smart Airflow Mode

Inserted with a 0.1 Pa high-precision air pressure sensor, MOTI X brings you a smart vaping experience. With a smart power range of up and down within 5 watts, the is machine-calculated according to the inhale speed, which reduces the possibility of burnt taste and cold vapor and avoids dry hit or coil gunk.

MOTI · X Pod Mod


Rp 59,99
Color - Galaxy Black