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Chasing the Ultimate Taste

MOTI S Lite is a premium pod system designed for ultimate taste.

Premium Taste

Premium Smooth Design
Ultimate Smooth Taste
Smooth in All Aspect

Smarter Taste

MCU chip

After gathering 2 million users’ data, MOTI·S Lite generates an ultimate output power curve, precisely enabling a heating efficiency and temperature control.

Richer Taste

Turbo Mode

Feel the surge!
How to start: insert in and out the pod 3-4 times consecutively without completely plug in, then plug in again to start the turbo mode. Turbo mode will last 3 puffs and then turn back to normal mode.

Undisrupted Taste

5-Layer Leak-proof Construct

MOTI·S Lite has a 5-layer leak-proof structural design, which can hold the liquid and avoid gravity leakage. When the liquid flows into the ceramic bottom, it can be immediately atomized by the metal film with NO leakage.

Better & Stabler Taste

Advanced FEELM Atomizer

MOTI·S Lite employs FEELM Technology that strictly controls the size and clearance of each aperture, ensuing every drop of liquid to be conducted evenly. It also ensures the aromatic molecules in the liquid are fully released, giving you an unprecedented delicate and pure taste.

Customized Flavors

Adjusted sweetness and coolness

Selected suppliers, food-grade production environment. MOTI·S LITE coordinates the premium MOTI·S Lite e-liquid with the power curve change to deliver a consistent and safe taste for every single draw. Tested over 10 times and refined to ensure every single draw is pure and flavorful.

MOTI · S Lite Vape Starter Kit - Device


Rp 34,90
Color - Knight Black