World's First DTL Disposable Vape

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DTL for Mega Vaping

Have you imagined you could have large clouds of vapor with a disposable vape? Now the first DTL disposable vape device is born. MOTI Mega brings you 12.2 watts of maximum power, providing more thick clouds with strong tastes than any other disposable vapes.

Big Vapor Like a MOD

MOTI Mega uses nicotine salt. The 8 air inlets down at the device enable MOTI Mega to deliver big and strong vapor like a mod.

Longer Lasting Vaping Enjoyment

With 3.5mL of e-liquid and 650mAh battery, MOTI Mega makes the vaping experience more enduring than other disposable vape devices, keeping even the most avid vaper satisfied all day.

Specially Designed Mouthpiece for DTL

Do you fancy a full thick cloud and a solid lungful of tasty vapour? We refine the shape of mouthpiece to be discrete so it can be more suitable for DTL. vaping style.

MOTI · Mega Disposable Vape 800 Puffs

World's First DTL Disposable Vape

Rp 15,99
Nicotine - Blueberry
Flavor - Blueberry