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MOTI·Piin Plus is sized up version of MOTI·Piin. If you specially love a flavor, choose Piin Plus for extended enjoyment. It's plus-e-liquid, battery, and size enable you to get much longer vaping experience.

Tailored flavors just for the unique you

People from different regions have different tastes and needs. So we choose the most popular fruity flavors tailored for our consumers in each market. We also made a new icy flavored series for those who love unprecedented refreshment to enjoy all the delicious flavors with a cooling menthol finish.

Exquisite taste satisfies your innermost desires

The MOTI Piin Plus achieves an exquisite taste through polymer cotton that absorbs e-juice to the greatest extent. Who doesn’t love the most authentic flavors of these real foods?

Longer-lasting vaping enjoyment

The escalated reservoir holds 4 mL of e-liquid and 670 mAh battery which is more enduring than most disposable devices, keeping even the most avid vaper satisfied all day.

Premium touch and feel

MOTI PIIN Plus is covered with high-quality durable materials, giving you a comfortable touch and feel with a non-slip surface.

MOTI · Piin Plus Disposable Vape 1000 Puffs

Taste the Inspiration

Rp 14,99
Nicotine - Banana
Flavor - Banana